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What Are The Maintenance Methods For A Custom Medal?

What are the maintenance methods for a Custom Medal?
1, metal trophies Custom Medal on the dust, use a clean and soft cloth wipe, and those who need special care of the corner details, use a soft brush to brush or use a vacuum cleaner to suck or blow dust ;
2, to prevent the metal trophy Custom Medals are subject to mechanical damage, each other should not be colliding with each other, do not stack code release;
3, metal trophy Custom Medal placed space must be kept dry, no dust and air pollutants. Temperature at 18 ℃ -24 ℃, relative humidity of 40% -50%;
4, to prevent contact with the metal trophy produced harmful chemical substances, such as acids, oils, chlorides and so on.
5, metal trophies Custom Medal after the release of time is too long, depending on the environment placed more or less there will be some dull phenomenon, this time can be used cotton silk quality.
Personalized Custom Medal Production Considerations: Personality Custom Medal Making Unbelievable is that it is not a person who makes a Custom Medal, but through a group, organizes advice, picks up the most representative of your size and Style, the most representative of your design ideas, this is the personalized Custom Medal production benefits. Affect the original design of the badge production: Custom Medal production purposes; Custom Medal factory selection; Custom Medal pattern to determine
But you do not have to worry, you are worried about the problem, professional Custom Medal factory will help you solve, until you get a Custom Medal with satisfaction. Customized Custom Medal production is very useful, no matter what place, is a representative of the logo. Can be used as a promotional tool, you can print on the Custom Medal surface you want to express the information, or become a brand of media, especially for seminars, exhibitions, job fairs, but also apply to reward your employees.
A Custom Medal is issued to a person or a group in recognition of its pursuit of excellence in a particular field and a proven achievement. So the trophy Custom Medals often mark the glory, taste, and even life of the award. Such as the achievement of the Pulitzer Prize for literary achievement, the Nobel Prize for social contribution.
A Custom Medal may be provided by an individual or an organization, but given the official degree of the award and the social status of the winner, it is generally issued by the government office or other government organization. Such as the President's Special Nomination Award - a public statement made by the President of the United States on the special contribution of the winners, as US President Reagan gave this award in 1984 as Disney, the best American children's television channel. Some awards, such as the Nobel Prize, a sports award, or an Oscar prize, can be synonymous with the identity of the winners so that people often overlook their specific achievements in some respects. There are also many awards in the United States that are awarded to advanced workgroup Custom Medals to help you understand the definition and meaning of a Custom Medal or an individual's affirmation of their past work, an outstanding academic contribution award, a Hollywood trophy and so on.
First, we distinguish between material aspects. Crystal Custom Medallion made of raw materials for pure crystal and imitation crystal, that is, the real crystal material. While the acrylic Custom Medals produce raw materials for the import and joint venture of the acrylic sheet. Organic Custom Medals made of raw materials for the domestic organic film. Followed by the material above the difference. Crystal Custom Medal of the material material is very transparent and very heavy material weight. And organic Custom Medal material is more general, and even a little yellow. Finally, the manufacturing costs, crystal Custom Medals in the price above the relatively high, mainly for high-end gifts and other applications. Acrylic and organic Custom Medals are available as a more affordable Custom Medal, in a variety of industries have a wider range of use.