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Sports Medal Collection Enlightenment

Sports Medal Collection Enlightenment
Now a popular collection of irresistible collection of heat, according to a group of detailed research report shows that in the back investigation of about 40 percent of the collection of lovers and the collection of enthusiasts in the collection of Sports Medals have been Since their love. Compared to the collection of antiques, etc., these respondents made it clear that in the collection of this industry, Sports Medals will always be the leader.
In fact, the history of the collection of Sports Medals so far and the history of the collection on the record is not very long, and in the respondents we are not difficult to find more than 5 years of collection time in the collection of Sports Medal fans no more than 100 percent Forty, even in this 40 percent of the crowd, no more than one-fifth of those who have collected Sports Medals for more than ten years, yet another 60 percent of the Sports Medal's collection Lovers, whether professional or amateur Some collectors of the basic collection of age are only in a year to two years, then at this point we can easily see that in fact the Sports Medal collection of this industry is still in the initial stage , There is a great potential for the development of space. But we can not help but think about the exact question, in your short of the collection of Sports Medal in the year, the Sports Medal collection of heat why can maintain such a good gesture, perhaps this problem requires us under the professional Questionnaire report answered. From the large, macro point of view, the collection industry system to the corresponding measures are still not perfect, which is also a lot of collectors in the next year look forward to the state can introduce the appropriate adjustment to regulate the order of the collection sector.
Sports Medal Main attention to protect it from the steady state, to avoid a variety of oxidation reactions. Different material Sports Medals should also be taken in different ways to save.
1, the iron Sports Medal can be used corrosion inhibitor, phosphate or tannate, wax or polymer materials, surface protection and other methods for surface protection, and placed in a dry place.
Paint Sports Medal Customized maintenance tips
2, copper Sports Medal Main attention to protect it from the steady state, to avoid all kinds of oxidation reaction. Such as the use of 5% sesquicarbonate solution soaking, silver oxide sealing method, metal corrosion inhibitor on the copper Sports Medal for protective treatment, place it in a relatively dry place to save.
3, pure gold medal should be kept in the tray, cover, cotton pad in the box or put in a small bag, do not make each other collision or by squeezing, so as not to mechanical damage.
4, sterling silver Sports Medals vulnerable to sulfur-containing material erosion to make the color becomes dull, this is black silver sulfide, it is also susceptible to chloride corrosion, the formation of silver (silver chloride). Sterling Silver Sports Medal is not sensitive to light, low temperature, should be placed in the air clean place.
Choose high-quality Sports Medal manufacturers of the three principles:
One, versatility
Crafts style is complete, versatile, with the wish to be with, the perfect display of the value of goods, of course, the appearance or the middle of the Oh! Therefore, we buy Sports Medal manufacturers must first understand the qualifications of manufacturers. Rational consumption and maintain a clear sense of pragmatism, so that their choice of a satisfied handicrafts Sports Medal factory!
Second, the price
Sports Medals handicrafts and other goods are not the same. In general, customers will require customization. Although the price is not high, but definitely not cheap, not to mention the key chain, small ornaments, Sports Medals, medal gifts are generally used for gifts or commemorative purposes, quality is necessary to consider the elements, Donghong has a very high customer Evaluation and quality of the beautiful pass! Light from this aspect of Donghong is your goods than the three preferred objects, quality assurance, the price is appropriate.