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Paint Sports Medal And Imitation Enamel Sports Medal Have The Characteristics

Paint Sports Medal and imitation enamel Sports Medal have the characteristics
   Sports Medal, in short, is to wear in the body used to express identity, occupation logo. It has a long history, the origin can be traced back to the primitive society clan tribal totem signs. The Sports Medal really have written records, it originated in China. "Warring Qi policy of a" record: "Qin fake Han Wei to attack Qi Qi Wang Wang will be and should be ... ... Zhang Zi changed its Sports Medal to complex Qin Jun." This is my country has written records One of the earliest examples. But here referred to the Sports Medal, and now the meaning of the Sports Medal, there is a fundamental difference. It actually refers to the banner. High attracts: "emblem, Chi name also ... ... easy to change, so that with the Qin flag chapter with."
   First of all, we first come together to understand the difference between the paint Sports Medal and imitation enamel Sports Medal between the two
    Paint the surface of the medal can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Polly), this process commonly known as "Dijiao" (Note that because of the light refraction of the sake of the Dijiao after the Sports Medal surface will be bright), but added resin After the paint Sports Medal on the loss of the bump feeling, but can play the role of protection LOGO.
     Imitation enamel Sports Medal surface is flat, (in fact, the enamel Sports Medal surface of the metal lines with the fingers to feel or a little bit raised) Sports Medal surface lines can be gold-plated, silver and other metals Color, metal lines filled with a variety of imitation enamel pigment. Imitation enamel big picture effect.
 After the selection of good Sports Medal is necessary to understand the production process, the process is almost all, most of the process is the same, Sports Medals are only some small details of the local needs to be produced in accordance with the characteristics.
       Process 1: Design Sports Medal Drawing. If you want to generate 3D Sports Medal results map, and the need for 3D Max software support. On the color, mortal use PANTONE SOLID COATED, because the PANTONE color can better match the color, reduce the color of the ability to.
       Process 2: Make Sports Medal Mold. Put the manuscript in the computer design, to lose color, made by the mouth color revealed the performance of convex metal corneal manuscript, according to the inevitable proportion of printed sulfuric acid paper, with a photosensitive ink exposure method to create engraved template, and then carved machine press template The way to carry out engraving. Engraved to complete, but also the need for heat treatment of the model to enhance the hardness of the mold.
       Process 3: Press. The often heat treatment of the mold device on the pressure table, the pattern of copper or iron, etc. are not the same as the Sports Medal manufacturing information.
       Process 4: Starch. Application of the knife before doing a good job, the items according to their shape, with the punch to the items washed down.
       Process 5: Polishing. The knife down the items into the polishing machine polishing, to lose the stamping of the burrs, progressive items of light.
       Process 6: Accessories for welding Sports Medals. The reverse of the items with solder on the Sports Medal specifications accessories.
       Process 7: Placing and honoring Sports Medals. In accordance with customer requirements for the medal of the medal, can be gold-plated, silver, nickel, copper, etc., and then in accordance with the requirements of the customer's Sports Medal color, finishing color, high temperature baking to enhance the color of the prison degree.
Process 8: Make a good Sports Medal in accordance with customer requirements for packaging. Packaging ordinary sub-popular packaging and high-grade packaging such as Kam-box, etc., which we generally in accordance with the requirements of customers to operate.