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Imitation Enamel Sports Medal Protection Little Knowledge

Imitation Enamel Sports Medal protection little knowledge
Imitation Enamel Sports Medals are often used extensively, and there are many ways to protect them. Different materials require different protective methods to ensure the quality of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal;
1. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust method: the metal imitation sports medal should be Imitation Enamel Sports Medal surface dust and other dirt gently wipe, and then into the closed or semi-enclosed packaging, for the dry and ventilated cabinet, Should pay attention to away from camphor and other chemical insecticide, in order to avoid direct corrosion to Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, common easy to corrosion of the material for the silver, copper, iron, nickel,
2. Antiseptic and moisture law: For easy tonic and easy to fry the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, we must pay attention to adjust the surrounding humidity, in particular, do not place in a dark and humid place, away from the kitchen and bathroom moisture heavier places, and regular inspection , Iron, nickel, lead, aluminum, bamboo, cloth, paper, silk and enamel sports with baking and enamel;
3. Light anti-dry method: some Imitation Enamel Sports Medal in the long-term sun exposure after too dry, will cause damage, it should not be placed in a place where there is direct sunlight. Darkness, ventilation, suitable humidity is an important condition for the protection of Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, otherwise some of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal of the paint color is easy to transform, plastic, wood Imitation Enamel Sports Medal is also easy to cause aging and deformation. At the same time, gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum and other materials Imitation Enamel Sports Medal should also pay attention to light.
4, to prevent accidental damage approach: to prevent the occurrence of fire is every collector must always pay attention to an important part, especially for the smoking collectors, but can not be taken lightly. Protection of accidental damage is mainly the implementation of chapter isolation, whenever the reading should wear thin gloves, gently, pay attention to prevent hard objects collide with each other, with particular attention not to look at the collection of wine. In short, the protection of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal must be targeted and scientific, so foolproof, must not careless.
 Life, Imitation Enamel Sports Medals like small gifts, cheap, but it can be a gift gift, like gifts between students presented, you can use Imitation Enamel Sports Medal as a gift, because the student's economic constraints, for students , The choice of Imitation Enamel Sports Medal as a gift, is very cost-effective and has a new, between the couple, sections of the fine couple special Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, according to their own preferences, choose their own Yi Yi Imitation Enamel Sports Medal , To the male and female friends, is a very good choice, and is economical and practical, carry, so that Imitation Enamel Sports Medal witness the everlasting love,
This is the case, such gifts have been widely used, and with the market demand, Imitation Enamel Sports Medal to meet the requirements of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal for a wide range of gifts for a random selection, many people prefer cheap gifts, Imitation Enamel Sports Medal is so, Market demand and continuous innovation, consumers according to different needs, you can customize the unique personality of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal;
 Imitation Enamel Sports Medal in life is essential for the imitation of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, I believe we are all familiar with the so-called Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, the most basic function is to prevent the key loss, the key uniform use of the ring Circle up, bring Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, can be a beautiful ornament, everyone has a key, solid everyone needs a favorite imitation of the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal to help you manage the key, decorate your items;
Currently on the market Imitation Enamel Sports Medal variety, there are very cute cartoon shape, high-grade chic brand modeling, unique simulation modeling, materials are generally soft, zinc alloy, acrylic, leather, etc., for the Imitation Enamel Sports Medal purposes Is also very broad, can be used as a souvenir, such as sports in the Fuwa Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, can also be used as publicity materials, it not only has a profound meaning, Imitation Enamel Sports Medal as Fuwa design image, the use of our traditional Of the art, showing our splendid culture and unique charm, with the progress of the times, Imitation Enamel Sports Medal is also the continuous development of Imitation Enamel Sports Medal to bring people the life of fashion, but also innovative life;
 Imitation Enamel Sports Medal production, you can use a lot of materials, made of metal materials made of Imitation Enamel Sports Medal more texture, easy to damage, in the production of printed Imitation Enamel Sports Medal, you can use stainless steel, stainless steel, this material Compared to other metal materials to be cheaper; the following is the metal Imitation Enamel Sports Medal some of the material;
Another material for making the enamel medal is iron, which is also a relatively inexpensive metal material used to make a variety of Imitation Enamel Sports Medals and bite-engraved enamel medals, so if the cost is controlled , You can consider this material with iron;
Production of Imitation Enamel Sports Medal material can also use zinc alloy, zinc alloy is mainly used to make die-casting process of handicrafts, such as commemorative coins, medals, medals and so on;