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How Is The 2D Sports Metal Medal Coins Produced

How is the 2D Sports Metal Medal coins produced
2D sports on the production of gold has been the concern of the public, in the face of fake gold and silver coins, need to understand the details of 2D Sports Metal Medal. With the development of society, for the production of gold and silver coins of the process requirements are getting higher and higher, from the past, the traditional sandblasting process, to the engraved line of the mirror combination of modeling process, and then slowly turned into a back-sanding style, gold Silver coins produced through layers of evolution, and now the production of gold and silver coins, the general use of more high-end stealth carving process and micro-sculpture technology and multi-level sandblasting, test the designer's intentions and technology is advanced.
2D Sports Metal Medal collection of great value
Just from the production of 2D Sports Metal Medal above, we can understand the value of their appreciation, 2D Sports Metal Medal in general to exquisite beauty, both self-purchase appreciation, you can also give away, look noble and temperament. But the collection of gold and silver coins is not just the case, many people collect gold and silver coins mainly to invest in profit, different themes of gold and silver coins its collection value is not the same, such as the panda commemorative coins has been a good choice for enduring, Silver is also the leader, as long as the choice of the correct collection of gold and silver coins, the return is very impressive. Collection of gold and silver coins, not only from the issue of its number, the issue of the above topics to identify the collection value, it is necessary from the production of 2D Sports Metal Medal above the process to analyze.
about the price
        The price of custom products and custom materials, quantity, size are directly related, if temporarily unable to determine, please tell us a approximate value, we will report a range of price for your reference; or tell us the price you need, we help You can calculate what type of product you can customize.
        Custom gold and silver raw materials from the Shanghai Stock Exchange real-time procurement, the price will fluctuate every day according to the international gold and silver prices, so detailed pricing needs a little time accounting, please understand.
China's 2D Sports Metal Medal has gone through more than 30 years of glorious history, the production process from scratch, from backward to progressive, from simple imitation to independent innovation, through the gradual development and improvement, and gradually catch up with the world advanced level of the process, Embarked on a wide range of unique, unique and innovative development of the road. Today, China 2D Sports Metal Medal is a unique national flavor and superb quality of technology among the international 2D Sports Metal Medal in the advanced ranks.
In recent years, China's 2D Sports Metal Medal production technology in drawing on foreign advanced production technology on the basis of research and development of a variety of unique production technology, and constant innovation. Not only blasting, mirror and other traditional technology has been widely used, and inlaid, shaped, color, stealth carving, laser holography, bimetallic, antique, helical teeth, ink security and other new technologies, new technology development and application.
Mirror: through the production of molds and blanks on the surface of the strict polishing, the production of 2D Sports Metal Medal surface to obtain a high degree of flatness and finish.
Blasting: the 2D Sports Metal Medal production mold selected part of the pattern sprayed into a detailed matte surface, in order to enhance the grain pattern of the layered and three-dimensional sense. China's vast majority of precious metals 2D Sports Metal Medals are used mirror and sandblasting process.
Shaped shape, fan shape, plum blossom, polygons and other shapes, such as the Ming and Qing Dynasties fan painting 2D Sports Metal Medal is fan-shaped currency.