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How Does The Marathon Medal Custom?

How does the Marathon Medal Custom?
Metal Marathon Medals are widely used in the production of mechanical molding process, which is closely related to its material characteristics, metal Marathon Medal production is usually made of stainless steel melting point is very high, casting molding difficult, and metal Marathon Medallion with stainless steel hardness is low, with a certain Of the plastic processing performance, the use of appropriate mechanical processing parameters and processing equipment, you can get high-quality metal Marathon Medal. The following is the Marathon Medal custom molding process:
The use of lathes to process stainless steel profiles directly into Marathon Medals is the most common in ring and bracelet Marathon Medals. Respectively, the use of lathe turning stainless steel ring ring and Qin alloy ring ring. Due to the characteristics of the material of stainless steel and Chin alloy, there are some difficulties in turning, and it is necessary to select and form the corresponding processing parameters according to the characteristics of the material to ensure the machining precision and surface quality of the Marathon Medallion.
There are pots encountered stainless steel cutting difficult, do not know how to do? Now we will be difficult to analyze the reasons for the processing of stainless steel, hoping to help you:
1. Thermal conductivity is low, cutting heat can not be dispersed in time. The amount of heat transferred to the tool up to 20%, the cutting edge of the tool is easy to produce overheating, loss of cutting capacity.
2. Chip adhesion is strong, easy to produce knife tumor. Stainless steel has a high adhesion, turning the material will "stick" in the tool above, resulting in "knife".
3. Chip is not easy to break. During the metal cutting process, the formation of plastic material (ductile material) chips undergoes four stages of extrusion, slip, cracking and cutting.
4. Work hardening tendency to make the tool easy to wear. Stainless steel processing tendencies strong, hardened hardened layer, and has a certain degree of hardening work, increasing the difficulty of processing and tool wear.
Marathon Medal customization not only to emphasize the quality, and now people pay more attention to the connotation of the Marathon Medal, and the meaning of such production. The Marathon Medal was originally a special product with its own special significance. So the Marathon Medal production must be positive and positive, can inspire people to make progress. The Marathon Medal was originally a reward for a successful person, an incentive.
 The International Olympic Committee on the Olympic Marathon Medal of the material and its recognition, weight, size, pattern, etc. are strictly regulated. Olympic tournament champion and runner-up Marathon Medal texture for sterling silver, championship Marathon Medallion also plated with not less than 6 grams of pure gold. Past Marathon Medals in the use of materials are not a breakthrough, the Beijing Olympic Marathon Medal is creatively embedded in the jade. This design not only conforms to the relevant provisions of the International Olympic Committee, but also highlights the "jade" noble quality, met the traditional Chinese culture, "Jinyu Liangyuan", reflects the Chinese Chencun praise of the Olympic spirit and the athletes Respect to praise.
The Beijing Olympic Marathon Medallion will use white jade on the gold medal, with silver and silver on bronze medals.
  High-end Marathon Medall is a class of excellent Marathon Medals collectively, the general production of sophisticated, clean layout, the font is appropriate, beautifully packaged.
According to the different shapes can be divided into: Marathon Medal, Medal, Award plate. Common Marathon Medallion materials: made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, but also useful stone, wood, resin, made of organic, and even several made from. Typical such as: Beijing 2008 Olympic Marathon Medal. According to the different materials can be divided into: bronze, aluminum silk screen card, stainless steel card, titanium gold medal, sand gold, gold medal, gold medal, car paint brand, according to the use of different awards can be divided into: advanced individual Marathon Medal, Advanced Marathon Medal, Authorized Marathon Medal, Marathon Medal, Member Marathon Medal.