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Embroidery Sports Medal Production Process

Embroidery Sports Medal production process
With the development of society, all walks of life are also in the rapid development of all kinds of new products after another, Sports Medal industry is also the case, the Sports Medal by the original metal Sports Medal, soft Sports Medal, and so slowly tend to embroidery Sports Medal , Embroidery Sports Medals wear more solid, more light, then embroidery Sports Medal is how to make it out? First it is a pattern design or a sketch. This should be a picture, a photo or a previous Sports Medal, and to be able to copy out on the machine. For the reproduction of embroidery, the sketch is not necessarily as accurate as the finished product. We just need to know this idea or sketch, color and the necessary size. It does not produce Sports Medals in other ways, to re-draw in order to be able to copy. We say "redraw" because something that might be painted does not have to be embroidered. But the need for a certain degree of embroidery knowledge and the ability to operate the machine to carry out this copy of the work.
After the sketch is done, the embroidery samples and the lines used are subject to the customer's consent.
Step 2: When the design and color are agreed, the design of the pattern into a large 6 times the technical map, according to this enlarged map to be able to play the version of the guide embroidery machine. Stopper must have the skills of artists and graphic artists. The needle on the figure suggests the type and color of the line used.
The third step: now turn to play a version of the machine with a special machine or computer to play the flower version. There are many ways to guide this specialized machine: from paper to discs, the version of the division will be familiar with this machine in his factory. In today's, Sports Medal all kinds of playblocks, regardless of what format it was before, can be easily converted to any other format.
Step 4: The appropriate fabric spread on the embroidery frame, select the appropriate line, flower belt or dish inserted into the tape machine, Sports Medal embroidered frame placed in the correct starting point, and then you can start the machine. Through the computer-controlled automatic color changing device should be in the pattern need to change color and change the needle when the machine stops automatically change color for the needle. This process is not completed until the completion of the embroidery task.
Sports Medal Copper is the use of electrolysis principle in the metal surface coated with a thin layer of copper over the layer. Electroplating, the coating metal anode, is oxidized into a cation into the plating solution; to be plated metal products to do the cathode, the metal coating of the metal surface is reduced to form a metal coating. In order to eliminate the interference of other cations and make the coating uniform and firm, it is necessary to use the solution containing the metal cation to make the plating solution to keep the metal cation concentration unchanged. Copper can be copper into bronze and other colors, increase the Sports Medal surface corrosion resistance and surface effects of ornamental. Customers in the order of Sports Medals to choose what kind of Sports Medal electroplating process, the most important thing is to see what they need to electroplating Sports Medal effect, if you want gold, you can choose to buy gold or gold, but plating Gold price is more expensive than imitation gold, if the pursuit of cost-effective, of course, is to choose to imitate gold; if you want to choose bright silver, you can choose to use nickel plating process; to bronze effect, you can use copper plating.
Nickel plating is a common electroplating process in Sports Medal production. Nickel plating is a method of electrolytic or chemical nickel on a metal or nonmetal layer. Nickel plating is divided into electroplating nickel and electroless nickel plating, Sports Medal production according to the different technology can be used different nickel plating method. General silver Sports Medals are mostly nickel-plated, and less use of silver. Because the effect of nickel plating is very close to the effect of silver, so the industry also known as nickel plating for silver. The appearance of the nickel-plated Sports Medal is very similar to that of the silver medal Sports Medal, both bright and silver. But the characteristics of nickel is relatively stable, the color can be more stable after plating, and silver than nickel active, easy to oxidize gray, black, which is also a lot of silver in the folk will show a gray appearance, rather than silver The Sports Medals can be made of nickel-plated materials, copper, zinc alloy, iron, etc. can be nickel-plated, to produce a variety of surface effects of metal Sports Medal.