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Customize The Art Of Making A Custom Medal Design

Customize the art of making a Custom Medal design
To create a good Custom Medal, mainly in the Custom Medal design art, including design, color design, nominal design and process options. In the performance of the nominal function of the premise, the aesthetic point of view and art processing means integrated in the entire design. The use of technology, materials and other conditions, fully reflects the beauty of the product and the beauty of the United States, the product has a significant artistic characteristics.
1, Custom Medal the proportion of design should be coordinated, beautiful, and take into account the scientific and economic, that is, the proportion of modeling should be easy to accept, and easy processing.
2, Custom Medal color design should be consistent with the performance of products under the premise of coordination and reasonable, focused.
3, Custom Medal in the nominal design, the pattern should have the characteristics of the text should be clear and beautiful, in line with people's habits.
4, Custom Medal the designer should understand the processing of the process, which is to ensure that the desire to meet the design of the product is one of the important factors. Different processing techniques can produce different decorative effects, but some completely different processing technology, can also produce the same decorative effect. This requires designers to clearly understand the various means of technology can produce the artistic effect.
Custom Medal of the production of materials generally have two kinds of copper and zinc alloy, zinc alloy which is the most used one. Zinc alloy production of Custom Medals generally use die-casting process, the die-casting process is the pressure casting referred to, a molten alloy liquid into the pressure chamber to high-speed filling steel mold cavity, and the alloy liquid under pressure to form Casting casting method, die casting is different from other casting methods are high pressure and high speed. The use of red copper production of Custom Medals generally use stamping process, stamping is by the press and die on the plate, strip, pipe and profiles exert external force, so that plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size Of the stamping parts of the forming method.
Custom Medal manufacturers before plating, first in the Custom Medal semi-finished products reserved place, drill with a drill hole, the conductive copper wire from the hole through a short section tied, the other end to leave a sufficient length The
Custom Medal manufacturers electroplating generally has many links, can be carried out according to need.
Custom Medal manufacturers 4 hours before plating the total power of the plating tank to open, preheat.
1, electrolytic degreasing
No matter what the plating, we have to be in front of the processing process, in the semi-finished surface residual oil completely clean. The effect of electrolytic degreasing is very good.
We put the laser shading Custom Medal semi-finished products into the pool of degreasing solution, the above one end of the copper wire tied to the brass, so that copper and copper pipe full contact to ensure good conductivity.
Set the temperature to 58 degrees, the time transferred to 300 seconds, the current set to 10 am.
It is now possible to see the solution in the pool rolling constantly, indicating that a chemical reaction is taking place. After 300 seconds, the current is automatically disconnected, remove the laser shading of the Custom Medal semi-finished products, according to the order were in five small tanks of distilled water rinse.
2, nickel plating
After the electrolytic degreasing laser shading of the Custom Medal semi-finished products, into the green nickel chloride solution, and the same operation on the road. Set the temperature of 25 degrees, the time is 300 seconds, the current is 10A, nickel chloride solution began with the laser shading Custom Medal semi-finished product chemical reaction. 300 seconds later, and then it will be the same order in the three small tanks of distilled water rinse clean.
3, copper plating
Copper plating method and the above nickel-like, blue solution is copper chloride. At this time the setting, the temperature is 28 degrees, the time is 300 seconds, the current is 10A, after plating it in the order of the three small tanks in the distilled water rinse.