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Analyze The Difference Between The Crystal Marathon Medal And Other Material Marathon Medal

Analyze the difference between the crystal Marathon Medal and other material Marathon Medal
For the custom-made paint Marathon Medal, custom-made paint Marathon Medal, Guangzhou, Foshan | manufacturers, prices and other issues we already have to understand that the "Marathon Medal on the quality of high and bottom analysis of the crystal Marathon Medal with other materials Marathon Medal Difference "? It is estimated that many people are not familiar with it, and today we are familiar with the experts!
Common Marathon Medallion materials: made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, but also useful stone, wood, resin, made of organic, and even several made from. Marathon Medal design style high-end Marathon Medal with the primary factor is that the Marathon Medal design style and style, modeling to be special, and to off and decent, that is, the rare type on the market. Marathon Medal Process: In the nameplate production industry, the production of Marathon Medal using what kind of production process and production process, will make this Marathon Medal in the high-end, unique to show its original Marathon Medal value orientation.
The Marathon Medal of the High-grade Marathon Medallion, from the current Marathon Medal Production Demand Users, it is clear that the Bronze Marathon Medal, the Stainless Steel Marathon Medal has been unable to meet the customer's upscale needs, what Marathon Medal material is chosen, and whether the Marathon Medal is up- The price of the production of a penny has been any industry, the value of any commodity law. With very low prices now it is difficult to get high-end products. Marathon Medal design style: high-grade metal Marathon Medal have the primary factor, is the Marathon Medal design style and style, shape to be special, and to off and off, that is, rare in the market type, and in line with the initial design requirements Marathon Medal, decided to Marathon Medal high quality and bottom of the factors targeted.
Now many customers on the Marathon Medal classification of the material is still relatively vague, the Marathon Medal concept and the definition of not sure, often the Marathon Medal category wrong. And today to share with you Crystal Marathon Medallion and Acrylic Marathon Medal difference:
First, we distinguish between material aspects. Crystal Marathon Medallion made of raw materials for pure crystal and imitation of crystal, that is, the real crystal material. While the acrylic Marathon Medallion made of raw materials for the import and joint venture of the acrylic sheet. Organic Marathon Medal made of raw materials for the domestic organic film. Followed by the material above the difference. The crystal Marathon Medallion material is very transparent and the material weighs very heavy. While the organic Marathon Medallion material is more general, and even a little yellow. Finally, the manufacturing costs, crystal Marathon Medal in the price above the relatively high, mainly for high-end gifts and other applications. Acrylic and organic Marathon Medal are available as a more affordable Marathon Medal, which is used in a wide range of industries.
Metal trophies Marathon on the dust, use a clean and soft cloth wipe, and those who need special care of the corner details, use a soft brush to brush or use a vacuum cleaner to suck or blow dust; to prevent Metal trophies Marathon Medal are mechanically damaged and should not collide with each other, do not stack the code; the metal trophy Marathon Medal must be kept dry, free of dust and air pollutants. Temperature at 18 ℃ -24 ℃, relative humidity of 40% -50%; to prevent contact with metal trophy produced harmful chemical substances, such as acids, oils, chlorides and so on. Metal trophies Marathon Medal after the release of time is too long, depending on the environment placed more or less there will be some dull phenomenon.