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A Lot Of Attention Should Be Paid To The Design Of The Acrylic Sports Medal

A lot of attention should be paid to the design of the Acrylic Sports Medal
 One, do not behind closed doors. Many designers in the design of the Acrylic Sports Medal only consider the design draft on the beautiful, do not consider the process, and ultimately lead to no production.
Second, do not patchwork. Some designers will also refer to some kind of design, but still need to avoid cross-industry, cross-regional patchwork, to consider the cooperation of the production capacity of manufacturers.
The so-called cross-industry, is to use the A industry technology to do B industry stuff. We list a clear customer case: there was a customer, see a bag above the brand logo logo is more beautiful, so in accordance with the trademark of the style of production of Acrylic Sports Medal. There is a problem during the luggage of the trademark is often tens of thousands of production, and the customer requirements of the production of Acrylic Sports Medals only a few dozen, timely real production, the unit cost can not be ignored. The material and craft of the luggage brand are different from the required Acrylic Sports Medal process, and the production equipment is different, and the interval is different, and the little difference is the difference. Can not just look at the appearance.
Third, consider the production of Acrylic Sports Medal costs and demand effectiveness.
The so-called cross-regional, also cited a Liezi, a customer from abroad to bring back an Acrylic Sports Medal, and then asked the designer in accordance with the acrylic movement medal craft to produce. The results can be imagined.
In short: no matter how good the design drawings, if not implemented, is the waste paper.
There are many reasons for the factors that affect the price of the Acrylic medal. In general, the price of Acrylic Sports Medal to be related to the material, specifications, quantity, process materials and so on. There are some not commonly used and non-metallic materials, the price difference between these materials is copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, and these Acrylic Sports Medal material prices, from raw material prices to different points, there is material technology The price will be different.
       For example: Zinc alloy Acrylic Sports Medal, this material is often used in the casting process, while the aluminum is die-cast, zinc alloy Acrylic Sports Medal often use electroplating, oxidation process as a surface treatment effect, aluminum is used to handle the surface with high light or paint The So, even if the price of raw materials is the same, Zinc Alloy Acrylic Sports Medal is also more expensive than the Aluminum Acrylic Sports Medal.
      There is the specification, presumably we can understand, the bigger the more expensive, the thicker the more expensive. The number is also very easy to understand, the more the cheaper the price, here to introduce the order from the rules. Why should set up in the 5000 from the volume it, it is because the cost of labor considerations, if a worker's wages is 200 a day, then from the start to the final product out, at least five processes need to cut - stamping - Spray paint - high light - packaging, which is the most simple aluminum Acrylic Sports Medal process, if the font is also the color of the need for manual paint, other materials will have electroplating, oxidation, polishing, corrosion and so on. Then a single labor alone can be as high as more than a thousand dollars.
      And another factor is the time, if you ask me to do 5000 acrylic exercise medal for how long, I will answer, about ten working days, if you ask me to do 20000 acrylic exercise medal how long, I will tell you, probably About ten working days. So that time cost is also a very important factor.
      Above is the factors that affect the price of Acrylic Sports Medal What are the reasons for the specific introduction, so our Acrylic Sports Medal manufacturers in the quotation, will take these factors into account!