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2D Sports Metal Medal Collection Value

2D Sports Metal Medal collection value
With the popularity of 2D Sports Metal Medal collection, to the 2D sports gold market has brought great changes, the collection of 2D Sports Metal Medal has become a new collection of species, has gradually become an important part of the folk collection;
This kind of 2D Sports Metal Medal most suitable for collection, of course, you can also choose to collect imitation enamel or paint 2D Sports Metal Medal, followed by this series of 2D Sports Metal Medal economy and affordable, and quality is also good;
 2D Sports Metal Medal collection must be accumulated a certain amount of 2D sports gold collection knowledge, such as 2D Sports Metal Medal craft, history, identification methods, the best in the purchase of 2D Sports Metal Medal before the 2D Sports Metal Medal to understand, so as not to be deceived; Sports gold medal, the need to pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Look at the style, different periods of 2D Sports Metal Medal have different styles;
2. Look at the shape, different times, different uses of 2D Sports Metal Medal shape different;
3. 2D Sports Metal Medal production process, 2D Sports Metal Medal production process is mainly painted 2D Sports Metal Medal, enamel 2D Sports Metal Medal, imitation enamel 2D Sports Metal Medal, stamping 2D Sports Metal Medal, printing 2D Sports Metal Medal, Dijiao 2D Sports Metal Medal;
4. Look at the material, 2D Sports Metal Medal production, the use of a lot of material, of which the best quality of copper, is the production of high-end 2D Sports Metal Medal preferred, enamel 2D Sports Metal Medals are made of copper; another iron material economy and affordable , Mainly for the production of paint 2D sports gold and bite 2D Sports Metal Medal; can also use stainless steel, stainless steel production, such materials are mainly used for the production of printed 2D Sports Metal Medal, in addition to zinc alloy, suitable for the production of medals, Double coins, such materials produced by the 2D Sports Metal Medal, three-dimensional effect is better;
5. Look at the price, the saying goes, a sub-price goods, that's right;
 2D Sports Metal Medal literally, that is, people wear a honor, to commemorate the medal, in fact, 2D Sports Metal Medal really wide use, and the type is very much, such as some promotional activities, key scenic tourist medals, 2D sports Gold is a small jewelry, promotional and promotional activities in the use of 2D Sports Metal Medal as a memorial, with the value of the collection;
2D Sports Metal Medal types: such as tinplate 2D Sports Metal Medal, soft 2D Sports Metal Medal, zinc alloy 2D Sports Metal Medal, diverse styles, each 2D Sports Metal Medal has its different meaning;
2D Sports Metal Medal of the process: 2D Sports Metal Medal materials generally use copper, aluminum, iron and other materials to produce, in accordance with the requirements of customers to operate, the surface color is generally painted, imitation enamel, biting, etc., according to the different technology, produced 2D Sports Metal Medal effect is not the same;
2D Sports Metal Medal design: 2D Sports Metal Medal size can be produced according to customer requirements, need to make a model for the production, each 2D Sports Metal Medal is the exclusive 2D Sports Metal Medal, 2D Sports Metal Medal thickness also varies according to the process , Such as imitation enamel 2D Sports Metal Medal thickness of Wei 1.5mm, paint for 1.2mm, biting or printing 2D Sports Metal Medal for 1.0mm, etc., according to the specific requirements of the customer to produce;
 How to customize the most suitable 2D Sports Metal Medal, mainly from the following aspects of choice;
1.2D Sports Gold Design: 2D Sports Metal Medal design is essential, at the same time need to combine the production process, some design is very beautiful, but in the actual production, is impossible to achieve, so to further modify;
2. Material selection: the material mainly in pure gold, silver, copper, brass, zinc alloy, aluminum, stainless steel, iron and other metal materials, which recommend the use of copper material, iron material lowest price (but relatively easy to rust)
The process of choice: the process has a fake King Thai blue 2D Sports Metal Medal: it looks beautiful, material for the copper; paint 2D Sports Metal Medal: beautiful and affordable, the material for the copper, iron; biting print 2D Sports Metal Medal: for small and complex graphics , Which flat printing 2D Sports Metal Medal can produce gradient of 2D Sports Metal Medal;
4.2D Sports gold accessories: accessories generally use thorns and butterfly caps, high-grade accessories are flat head buckle, cap buckle, insurance pin, hook pin, etc.,
 5. Surface plating color: according to the drawings for bright gold, dumb gold, bright silver, bright bronze, ancient bronze, red bronze, ancient tin, no light nickel, the surface can do bright, matte, matte Light and other effects, you can also add a layer of protective resin on the surface of the wave;
6.2D Sports Metal Medal price: 2D Sports Metal Medal price is by 2D Sports Metal Medal material, craft, quantity, packaging to decide, if you need high-end 2D Sports Metal Medal, you can choose copper 2D Sports Metal Medal, if you need low , You can choose iron 2D Sports Metal Medal;