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The chemical nature of acrolein

1, flammable, the steam can form explosive mixtures with air, caused an explosion of the combustion flame, high heat. Strong reaction can occur with antioxidants. If encounter high fever, can happen polymerization and released a lot of heat caused by the vessel rupture and explosion accidents. Encounter heat, light, moisture, peroxide and iron easily caused by the blast. 

2 joint response, has the double bond and carboxyl functional groups, can happen addition, functional group and ester exchange reaction, long preparation polycyclic and heterocyclic compounds, easily by hydrogen reduction of propionic acid, formic acid and acetic acid alkali can be broken down into. 

3, with a strong acid. Corrosive. Chemical properties and lively. Easy to aggregate and become transparent white powder. Generate propionic acid reduction. 2 - chloropropionic acid and hydrochloric acid addition generated when. Acrylic characteristic of carboxylic acid reaction, reaction with alcohol can also get the corresponding esters. Acrylic acid and its esters itself or blended with other monomers, polymerization reaction happens homopolymer or copolymer. Usually with acrylic copolymer monomer including amides, acrylonitrile and butadiene styrene, vinyl, etc. This kind of polymer can be used in the production of various plastics, coatings, adhesives, elastomers, floor light agent and coating. 

4, this product has strong corrosive, moderate toxicity. Its aqueous solution or high concentrations of vapors may irritate the skin and mucous membrane. Rat oral LD50 to 590 mg/kg. ?