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Many people less medals,Why India Become Olympic Games losers?

As the world's second most populous country, India's track record in Olympic uninspiring, the last London Olympics just won only win six medals, or an average of 200 million people every medal winning side, the ratio is the worst of all teams. Analysis pointed out, mainly the lack of government support, resulting in inadequate funding, cultural and caste problems also hinder the country's sports development.

India's rapid economic development in recent years, significant advances in science and technology, but government resources are concentrated in the exploration of the space program and other projects, sports were not seriously in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi players keisha text, for example, his entries are funded by the public the resulting chip is not paid by the Government of India. 


Indian culture has stifled the development of sport, the majority of local families will wish children grow up to be a doctor or accountant, even outstanding performance in sports will also be discouraged family neighborhood that could not participate in high-level competitions.

In addition, most of the low-caste cent of the population who lack access to education and adequate nutrition, coupled with the lack of sports facilities, it is difficult to become athletes.

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